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The Sands of Regression
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Avengers - Black Widow Baby 2 by Ar-Kayn
Avengers - Black Widow Baby 2
After having been regressed by the Time Stone, Black Widow (or rather, 'little Tasha' as Hawkeye had annoyingly started to call her) was put in the care of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s babysitting facility D.A.Y.C.A.R.E. while the other Avengers searched for the Time Stone to age her back to normal.

Tasha had insisted on participating in the search, but the others would have none of it. She nearly threw a tantrum then, but reminded herself that the worst thing she could do in this situation was act like a baby and be treated like one. So when they decided to put her in D.A.Y.C.A.R.E. for the time being till they could find the Time Stone, she calmly accepted it - like an adult.

Of course, it didn't quite register with her that as a baby, she needed a complete wardrobe change. So when the nanny bots came, she wailed and flailed as they diapered her, braided her hair into pigtails, slipped on booties, and threw on a frilly dress - which Tasha later discovered after much pulling and tugging, simply could not cover her exposed diaper. She must have been really loud, because next thing she knew, her mouth was stuffed with a pacifier.

Later, after she had calmed down somewhat, she glanced around to take a better measure of her surroundings, noting possible methods to escape, absentmindedly sucking on her pacifier. She may lack the body for acrobatics now, but she still had her wits and her tiny size could prove useful.

She just hoped she could find a way out while her diaper was still dry...
Avengers - Black Widow Baby by Ar-Kayn
Avengers - Black Widow Baby
Referring to a recent episode of Avengers Assemble, I'd like to imagine there's an alternate universe where Thanos uses the Time Stone in a different way rather than simply aging them all to dust. 

And in that universe, Black Widow finds herself in the humiliating position of having to crawl free of her now oversized jumpsuit after being reduced to a helpless toddler. The bra looks almost comical on her, as though she's a child playing dress-up with her mother's underthings. It's also weighing her down; she'l have to ditch it. Not that she needs it now anyway!
FF7 - Transform Materia: Adult and Baby by Ar-Kayn
FF7 - Transform Materia: Adult and Baby
Tifa thought things couldn't get any worse when Marlene had used the materia she found, transforming the busty fighter into a two-year-old who, having a distinct disadvantage against the now (relatively) bigger Marlene, struggled to retrieve the materia so she could try turn herself back to normal.

And as Tifa had expected, other than regressing one to infancy, the materia could indeed perform the reverse and turn one into a fully-grown adult. Problem was, Marlene had figured out how to use it on herself!

And when Marlene bent down to pick her up (amidst much protest and flailing, and gifting Tifa with an awkward view of breasts large enough to rival those she once had), Tifa realized that it was going to be extremely difficult to convince Marlene to age her up as well with the now newly-blossomed woman looking very eager - practically beaming with excitement - to assume the role of Tifa's babysitter.

Still, she hoped she could reason with Marlene and not end up being treated like a baby...despite the uncomfortable awareness of the fact that - much to her alarm and embarrassment - her diaper was soaking wet. 
I might not be as active for a while, but here's something I've been pondering about...

Do you prefer slow or fast regression? And by that, let's assume a regression that doesn't alter the clothing (so it gets loose), from fully-grown adult to about toddlerhood (3-5 years old). So a slow regression would illustrate before, during (e.g. teenager, preteen, child), and after, whereas a fast regression would just have before and after.

Here are a couple of pros and cons I can think of.

Slow regression
+ You get to see the person slowly realizing what's happening to her.
+ Gradual loss of clothing, e.g. from well-fitting bra to slightly loose bra to a bra that's way too large and needs to be held up.
- May lose 'shock' impact, i.e. we just want to see the end result anyway.
- More work, and takes more time to complete.

Fast regression
+ Maximum shock impact, the person would barely have time to register what just happened - reaction could be priceless.
+ Less work, no need to keep redrawing the same clothes on a slightly smaller body.
- May be too fast, everything would come loose all at once, no time to appreciate each individual change.

It's really an argument between having less or more images I suppose. In my opinion, absolute minimum is one, which is the end result, and easiest to do. However (unless it's an established character that most people are familiar with), it might be more impactful to show the before (fully grown adult) version as well for contrast.

So the question is whether the in-between stages add to the piece, or is just a waste of time since in the end all we want to see is the end result. I think if it highlights a particular change that isn't present in the other images, then maybe it's worth it? What do you think?


Artemis Kayn
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Hi! I think it would be cute to see an AR of Caitlyn from League of Legends, preferably loose clothing.
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you still around?
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Can you do more pics of DC characters as kids? or Marvel ones?
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Haha, didn't know that. Thanks for letting me know!
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Hey!  How's it going!  Love your works!  They're Awesome especially the Little Litchi Story!  It was Funny!
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Still a moment I watch you and I'm impressiv by your evolution. You are Amazing.
Good continuation,
By the way if you can more little story in your post you will make me more happy.
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From France,
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